CyberCoders Releases List Of Hottest Tech Jobs

CyberCoders? It’s a  ‘staffing company’ based in the West Coast. The main office is still there, but a new one just opened here in NY.

In no time CyberCoders officially released a list of highest paying tech jobs. An excerpt from the statement read:

“New York City is one of the fastest growing technology markets in the country,” said CyberCoders Chief Technical Officer Matt Miller. “Existing companies are continuing to grow their technology staff while others, like Google and Twitter, are launching large new office spaces in the city. For this reason we are seeing a significant demand for various types of web development, as well as candidates who manage projects and the sales team to support those efforts.”

And the list (this should be good news for the Ruby faithful):

  1. PHP Developer, $96,071
  2. Sales Engineer, $106,500
  3. Java Developer, $104,500
  4. Network Engineer, $103,750
  5. Sales Manager, $86,250
  6. Project Manager, $78,333
  7. Ruby Developer, $106,667
  8. Python Developer, $103,333
  9. Mobile/Web Engineer, $85,000
  10. Product Manager, $97,500

Via: Staffing Industry