Crowdsourced Learning Becoming A New Wave

Skillshare-logoSkillshare isn’t alone. This may sound a little pompous but not since the School of Athens has unrestricted knowledge on a teacher-student basis been so readily available. Whether it’s an indictment of the current school system or just what everyone needs in these uncertain economic times, learning from others for a fee (or none at all) is sweeping the public.

In a new profile three very different entities in the un-schooling education movement became the subject of Allison Williams’ interest. There’s Lifelab New York, Trade School, and of course, Skillshare. Frequent readers of this blog will be familiar with Skillshare where personal conferences with experts comes at an agreed upon hourly rate.

Lifelab and Trade School are different, however. The former is geared toward sociological training, meaning it focuses on how to interact through etiquette and social skills. Trade School, on the other hand, is very interesting. The name is what it is, a loosely knit Trade School founded by a group of artists whose classes take place… anywhere. The cool part is real life skills are the norm and its open approach to accepting students and teachers is reminiscent of the humanistic Mondragon Cooperative in Spain.

Just reminiscent though—not implying the two are the same. It’s merely exciting to think how a Trade School’s skills emphasis could carry over to a profit making business that can maintain the values of its origins.

Via: Timeout New York