Cornell To Submit Proposal For Its Own Tech Campus Next Month

CornellA new contender has entered the ongoing competition between various schools for an NYC tech campus. So far, Stanford appears to be in the best position to snag the real estate. But Cornell has suddenly thrown down the gauntlet and made known its intent for the same bragging rights. Ivy League institution Cornell University is going to submit its own proposal for such a campus by next month, Associated Press reports.

There’s really little else to go on from here, but this latest move from Cornell is hardly a surprise. Keep in mind universities from as far as Israel were interested in Mayor Bloomberg’s offer to build a tech university on city-owned land. Yes, city-owned land. Rumor has it that if any particular institution gets the nod, the new site will be at Roosevelt Island. No confirmation about it yet, but it’s a likely choice.

The scramble for a tech university is driven by the local tech scene’s demand for engineering talent. It’s an old, tired cliche (but a hard reality as well) that most NY startups have vacant spots for engineers available. But some entrepreneurs have expressed their skepticism over this A-list tech uni circus: why build one when there are already numerous hackathons, incubators, and summer courses available?

Via: AP News