Contently Launches Anti-Content Farm Crusade With Generous Funding Round

Contently logoThanks to Founder Collective, Contently has $335,000 for its pool of content specialists. Okay, make that writers. See, Contently’s purpose is to reduce by-the-numbers content farms to obsolescence. Kind of a final kick in the teeth after places like Associated Content and Ezine Articles got cracked down on hard by Google a while back.

Anyway, Contently sets itself apart form the herd by making sure the right type of writer lands a well-paying gig catering to a client’s market. In plainspeak, no more anonymous freelancers doing questionable work for dirt cheap. Contently wants to inject the web professionalized and informative content prepared by people who know what they’re writing about.

The $335,000 infusion is actually what’s known as a debt round. If all goes well, Contently will finally emerge from its closed beta cocoon and open its doors to writers in search of lucrative gigs. This seems to be the major draw of Contently: they want  to become a platform for online scribblers to earn a decent living. To achieve this end, a select number of said scribblers from various ‘known’ blogs have already jumped aboard (USA only though).

On the media side of the spectrum, Contently is a bridge for various corporate clients and publishers to find the pros who’ll enhance their ‘digital content strategies.’ That’s a  fancy way of describing writers writing the right kind of material for a target audience.

Stay tuned for more on these Contently guys in the future.

Via: Techcrunch