Colourlovers Acquires Forrst For An Undisclosed Sum

Forrst announced recently that the company has been acquired by Colourlovers’ parent company, ChromaOm.

“Can’t disclose how much it was for, but everyone is happy with the outcome,” said Forrst Founder Kyle Bragger in an interview with Betabeat.

Forrst is widely known among developers and designers who are very much eager to improve their creative skills. The site’s members try to help out each other by giving constructive comments and suggestions, and insights on how to improve their applications or websites.

Founded in 2005, Colourlovers now has more than 1.5M users. It’s a vast community where users share colors, palettes and patterns.

“I think for us it just made a whole lot of sense,” said Mr. Bragger. “Colourlovers has been around a long time and now they have Creative Market which is another property they’re working on. Forrst fits really nicely in between because we’ve always been about helping people get better at their craft, and providing a really strong community along feedback of design development and the intersection between the two.”

Forrst members need not worry that the recent acquisition will somehow affect the community they learned to love.

“Forrst is going to remain the Forrst that everyone has known over the last two and a half years, and get better from there,” said Mr. Bragger. “It’s a really special place and I’m glad that it will continue to be that.”

Via Betabeat