Cole Stryker: The Man Who Wrote A Book About 4Chan And Anonymous

Epic WinA little perspective never hurt. This month Cole Stryker is proudly releasing his first book and nervous about it. How come? The book is Epic Win for Anonymous: How 4chan’s Army Conquered the Web. The problem is 4chan and the anons who lurk there aren’t very susceptible to publicity. In fact, Cole Stryker expressed his misgivings about the buzz surrounding his book.

All this and more are revealed in a new interview where Stryker gives his back story. He and a college friend were pretty tight well into their professional careers and shared gross pictures from 4Chan. The book only ever happened when a literary agent approached him to do one. What happened next was he spent two months wading in the 4Chan wastes so to speak. What he’s afraid of now is the backlash; what if he becomes a new target for Anonymous?

Other than a portrait of the headline-grabbing hacktivist group (who are planning to take down Facebook this November), Stryker also gives a frank assessment of 4chan founder Chris ‘Moot’ Poole who’s now preoccupied with his new meme factory Canvas. Without going into details, Stryker mentioned in the interview how Poole became legend along the same lines as Mark Zuckerberg. Intrigued? Open the source link below for the good stuff.

Via: Betabeat