ChubbyBrain Ranks Top Early Stage VCs

ChubbyBrain has once again gone the distance to help entrepreneurs navigate the treacherous startup waters. This time they’ve released a helpful chart that ranks who’s shelling out the most investments for internet and mobile startups in the NYC tech scene. This bit of news seems to be riding on the coattails of the glowing article featured earlier this week about the surge in NY tech investments.

The criteria ChubbyBrain used involved firms who were making the greatest number of Seed and Series A deals from Q1 to Q3 of 2010. What’s interesting is four out of the twelve listed aren’t even based in the Big Apple, meaning that entrepreneurs shouldn’t discount out-of-town VCs when searching for that badly needed investment boost. Leading the pack is Lerer Media Ventures with 10 deals to its credit. Among its choice partners are Jie, Jumppost, and Fluid Info.

Below is the chart. If you consider the numbers rather small, keep in mind the available data measured only involved funding that has become public. Since Lerer Media Ventures is currently numero uno, it shouldn’t come as a surprise from an angel investment group founded by Ken Lerer; he’s one half of the team (together with Arianna Huffington) that brought the world The Huffington Post. So yes, tech and mobile enterprises are in Mr. Lerer’s blood.

Via: ChubbyBrain