ChubbyBrain Creates Program That Helps You Pitch To VCs

A great leap forward has just been made in an era where startups are literally on fire (in the passionate sense of the word). The guys at ChubbyBrain, a NYC-based firm specializing in data-research, currently have a program called the Funding Recommendation Engine that allows you to match your company’s product to a suitable investor(s). Sounds complicated? It’s actually the complete opposite.

In just six easy steps where all you have to do is provide some basic info and a 10-word elevator pitch where you answer the question “What problem are you solving?” the recommendation engine gives you access to the VCs who can best support your goals.

For further clarity, below is a rundown of the whole process. If you want to have a go at it yourself, click here.

  1. First step is to give your company’s name, industry and sub-industry.
  2. Second, state how much funding you need and what for then enumerate your funding history.
  3. Third—what stage is your company in? How many customers? And revenue?
  4. Fourth step is to give your business’ location and answer yes or no to whether you’re willing to move somewhere else.
  5. Fifth is the 10-word elevator pitch.
  6. Sixth and last is a little background info about your experience in startups.

There’s an extra page where you reveal what else you need help in when it coems to business and ta-da! A list of matches appears. Get those pitches ready.

Fun, right?

Via: Business Insider