Chris Dixon Knows What The Startup Scene Needs

New York tech sceneThe funny part is, while short on awe inspiring revelation, the points raised by Mr. Dixon have been issues since… last year. That makes them pretty old and reminiscent of Fred Wilson’s own blog based reflections.

Anyway, in a colorful post that laid down the law, Mr. Dixon enumerated the stuff still missing from the startup scene. Or rather, what would make the ‘scene’ into a major industry. According to him, big companies (not popular startups) are needed in New York to draw in the necessary talent and train future generations. Of course, no one can write about startups these days without mentioning engineers. There are enough engineers for sure, problem is a lot of them are outside NY and don’t see startups as a viable career path. This according to Mr. Dixon.

While the post isn’t groundbreaking, it does have enough insight to trim down a few recent trends. This includes building an East Coast Stanford somewhere in the Big Apple. According to Dixon, it would be better if large companies set up shop locally instead like what Google did. To date, he mentions that Google’s offices have drawn in 1,500 engineers.

There are also a couple of glaring limitations that Mr. Dixon wants resolved. These are current astronomical rent prices, which no doubt compelled the co-working craze, and early stage investing. Apparently the latter is a bit of a surprise since almost everyday there’s news of significant cash poured unto fledgling companies only a few months old. Anyway, bravo Mr. Dixon, bravo!

Via: CDixon