Chris Dixon Is Selling His eBook Thru Amazon

KindleThough ebooks are now more ubiquitous than ever compared to just a few years ago, striking it rich is still out of reach for independent ebook purveyors. But it is possible to rake in a decent sized profit from ebooks, especially when they’re sold in the right outlet like Amazon. Chris Dixon is going down this particular route for his new blog article anthology. Where writers of yore (as in several years ago) usually had the rare fortune to have their miscellaneous scriblings collected in a single volume, Chris is going DIY and sending the profits to HackNY. What a swell guy. (Hey, that rhymed!)

In an explanatory post on his blog, Chris explains:

“So this weekend I thought I’d try an experiment. I took about 100 of my blog posts (the ones that I thought were most “evergreen”), bundled them as a PDF and submitted them to the Kindle Store. The Kindle submission process was surprisingly easy. You give your book a name and upload the PDF and then choose pricing.  They force you to charge a minimum of $0.99.  Also, strangely, if you charge less than $2.99, Amazon takes 70% of the revenue, but if you charge between $2.99-$10 they only keep 30%.

I decided to price my book at $2.99 and donate all of the proceeds (~$2 book) to HackNY, a non-profit that ‘keeps the kids off the Street’ (encourages college students to join/start tech startups instead of working on Wall Street). All of the content in the book is available for free on The only reason to buy the book is to get this blog in a different format and to support a good charity. It is available in the Kindle Store here.”

What Chris is doing is quite common these days. Who knows, there might even be an NY tech Blog ebook somewhere down the line.

Via: Chris Dixon’s blog