Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne On Startups, Plans, And Innovation

Rachel_Sterne1 Rachel Sterne has a lot on her plate since assuming the historic role of New York’s first [woman] Chief Digital Officer. In a recent sit down with journo Jessica Mulholand, Sterne talked about her past experience as an entrepreneur (she founded citizen journalism hub GroundReport after a stint as a U.N. intern) and a few other insightful glimpses into her new job. here are a few choice nuggets:

On the upcoming 90-day report that will articulate the city government’s long term technology goals:

“We are starting the 90-day report with no preconceptions. We’ve already begun to gather feedback from city agencies and citizens through both face-to-face meetings and online platforms such as Twitter, Quora, Tumblr and Facebook. To create the report, we will continue to work with stakeholders and gather metrics to provide a comprehensive look at what the city is currently doing and opportunities to build on these achievements. Regarding suggestions, we hope to leverage the resources we have to serve more citizens, and develop public-private partnerships that help us meet goals without expending funds.”

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Via: Government Technology