Check Out This Interview With Jessica Lawrence

Jessica LawrenceJessica who? She’s the newly minted managing director of NY tech Meetup, whose 17,000 plus members and packed schedule called for a seasoned pro. To put her job in a nutshell, Jessica Lawrence does meetings on a regular basis. This and more is revealed on a recent interview with Betabeat, where Lawrence shares her insigths about the tech scene and a lot of other stuff. Below is a nugget of text lifted from the intie.

On the success of NY Tech Meetup and its future:

“I think what NYTM has done really well is serve as strong hub for the growing tech community in New York. I also think that it has done an amazing job of providing an extremely visible platform for New York-based innovative technology to be seen by the world. Going forward, I think it will be helpful for us to spend some time thinking about how we support our community of 17,000 members and the NY tech community in general in even more meaningful ways.”

Jessica Lawrence hopped aboard NY Tech Meetup on April 4, an event that was announced on its official site, which read:

“…the network for the New York technology community, has named Jessica Lawrence as the organization’s first Managing Director. In this role she will work with Nate Westheimer, the organization’s Executive Director, and its Board of Directors to
expand the capacity of the organization, and will also manage the organization’s day-to-day operations on a full-time basis.”

Via: Betabeat