Now In NYC!

photo copyright: Anne Tritt

Food startups like, Eat Club, and ZeroCater are known for delivering great food for the working folks in San Francisco. But one of them just made its way to the Big Apple. recently announced expansion in NYC.

The company has served more than 800,000 meals to companies such as Apple, Dropbox and Square. It does this by matching up companies to food vendors. That way, workers get a variety of tasty meals without getting out of their seats and small food vendors reach a wider market.

But founder Zach Yungst shares a small problem in operating in NYC. has a network of food vendors in each geography. There is a mismatch in New York, however. Many of the potential customers are in Manhattan while most of the vendors are in Brooklyn.

Yungst and Co-founder Alex Lorton both worked in Manhattan and are still connected to the financial community there (their potential customers, maybe). That plus the already budding tech community and food scene in the area. The company now has a team of five in New York (including Lorton) and has commissioned 30 food vendors.

It’s now taking sign ups for company customers and is planning a full roll-out soon. Source: