Catchafire Helps Organizations Find Volunteer Match

For non-profit organizations (NGOs) who have a hard time looking for volunteers to help them out, Catchafire will make the hunting job easier.

Catchafire is a service company that matches NGOs with the suitable skilled volunteers they need, and vice versa. The site was founded in Manhattan by Rachael Chong in 2009. Rachael was an investment banker before building Catchafire, and observed that most NGOs need help in the areas of marketing, social media, public relations, and design. Now that Catchafire has gone through a year of beta testing, its website will now be officially open to the public.

Volunteers can log on to Catchafire through Facebook Connect and can choose to auto-import details such as their educational background, professional experiences, interest, and others, from their LinkedIn profile, or manually add these information themselves. The best part is that they can use Catchafire for free.

Non-profit managers can also use the site for free, but will have to pay a certain fee per volunteer match. The fee covers a percentage of the manager’s usage of the site for checking and recruiting volunteers, and will also cover the chosen volunteers’ contribution to the NGO.

Catchafire also makes it easier for volunteers to find the NGOs they can participate in. Unlike other services that makes listings, Catchafire provides a maximum of five project opportunities that matches most perfectly with volunteers’ skills and other information on their profile.

So far, 2000 volunteers and 300 NGO’s have signed up already, making for a good start for Catchafire.

Via: TechCrunch