Catch A Rare Glimpse Of WeWork Labs

WeWorkLabsNews of WeWork Labs first broke last month so consider this piece the sequel. Business Insider just ran a photo gallery chronicling a mid-day visit to the SoHo loft. Though co-working space have become rather glamorous as of late, WeWork looks stripped bare. Simply put, it’s got long long picnic tales, potted plants, and a really small kitchen. All told, there’s just enough room for 50 warm bodies.

WeWork Labs officially opened its doors in the beginning of April and will be ground zero for full fledged summer programs come June. What passes for its mission-vision reads:

“In addition to offering entrepreneurs great space to build their own products, our overarching goal is to foster collaboration among intelligent, creative and driven individuals who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to connect. We believe that by creating an environment like this, innovative new technologies, products and services will be born.

The idea is to provide 50 of New York’s most talented community members with the essentials, and then leave the rest up to them. We will also provide the members a network of mentors to help people take their projects/products to the next level.”

Founded by Adam Neumann, WeWork is a fine example of a co-working space done right. Lots of people are aboard and the location is good. Though glass panels in the office risk being doodled on as impromptu whiteboards, WeWork should suffice for two dozen startups and freelancers in the meantime.

Via: Business Insider