Carpooling Service Zimride Has Just Arrived

A new car sharing service has just hit New York City.

Zimride has just launched in NYC and Washington D.C. last Wednesday. The carpooling service makes it easier for drivers who want to save a buck by sharing gas and passengers who dread the local transport system.

The company adds a “new spin on ridesharing” by using social networks to establish connection. You are required to set-up a profile. ut once that’s done you can post a ride or book a ride. Users can also view interests, music tastes and feedbacks to avoid an awkward ride.

For drivers, they can”Post A Ride” and coordinate with passengers they like. Of course this is a paid service and the payouts are made through Paypal a day after the ride is complete. If you don’t have a Paypal account, Zimride will help you set one up.

For passengers, they can book a ride they want just by clicking “Book It.” and following the simple instructions after. Once you requets is submitted, it will be sent to the driver who has to approve it within 24hours. If he doesn’t then you won’t pay anything.

Passengers don’t need to fumble with cash. Your credit card is charged once the driver accepts your request. You can ask for refunds if your driver doesn’t show up by notifying Zimrde on your account page.

Scared of letting passengers in you car? Read what other Zimriders have to say on their experience on their blog