Offers Snazzy Online Business Card, Launches In NYC

Paris-based entrepreneur Pascal-Emmanuel Cobry announced yesterday the launch of, a website that allows users to create a comprehensive online business card for networking purposes. Already touted by Cobry as “a simple elegant tool that makes your life easier,” seeks to unify its users’ various contact addresses—from your Facebook profile to email—and make them available on a single page.

This site is the brainchild of Pascal and several friends with the help of VC firm Kima Ventures. The startup founder also reflected on the learning curve he went through to get the site off the ground. He pointed out the key strategies and pitfalls of such an undertaking, noting the value of venture capital and the age old maxim of “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

He also lamented the attendant emotional rollercoaster and how such startups usually take longer to get off the ground than planned. But things are looking bright at the moment for, with the official NYC launch party slated for tomorrow night. For details, get in touch with the organizers on Facebook.

via NYC Digital