Canvas Nets $3M Funding In New Round

Christopher-Poole-150x150It’s great to be Moot right now. By Moot of course, is meant Christopher Poole, the strapping young lad behind hacker haven and anime trove 4chan. But 4chan isn’t the only thing in Moot’s plate these days.  Since landing a spot in Lerer Ventures as some sort of adviser, Christopher/Moot wasted no time launching Canvas.

Canvas is a photo sharing site that allows users to mess around with various pics, creating memes along the lines of lolcats. In an earlier post, Poole was hailed by NY Tech Blog as a master of the irreverent:

“Canvas is a weird place. It works by allowing users to doodle around with an uploaded image. It’s equal parts colossal waste of time and all-consuming passion.”

But Canvas’ ultimate goal isn’t merely about having fun and toying with photo editing tools. Apparently Moot wants to be a game changer this time around and transform how discussion boards thrive and sustain themselves. He thinks Canvas has what it takes to achieve this goal.

Taking the traditional startup route, Canvas is a five man operation working out of a Manhattan office. The good news is Moot is in hiring mode and doesn’t mind additional talent aboard.

Oh yes, one last bit: thanks to his affiliation with Lerer, Canvas is the recipient of a $3 million funding round from Union Square, Founder Collective, and several others.

Via: Techcrunch