Nightlife Aggregator App Launches

BromlyIt went live on Friday and targets the vibrant city night lovers inclined. The idea behind is to be a search engine for social events across the Big Apple. It’s like a constant feed for those hungry to unwind in style but don’t know where to go.

Since is not even a weekend old, it still caters to a limited userbase and has just partnered with the theatre scene for free tickets to the musical Traces. was founded by Chad Gallagher, who should be lauded for his stealthy launch. The interesting bit about is it’s being fueled by a generous funding round from AOL Ventures. The exact amount is unknown but it’s reported down south of a million bucks.

The money making part of isn’t as novel, however, as it collects a modest amount each time a user goes to a paid event. Since there’s not much to go by on the front at present, a cursory perusal of their log must somehow suffice. In it, the lone post explains how could become a premiere destination for every kind of social gathering and after hours entertainment, “smallest knitting meetups” included.

Via: Betabeat