Boxee Live TV Dongle Now On Sale

Boxee is quietly changing TV for everyone. They first offered a free, social media player that plays both online and locally saved media when installed on a computer. The next step was to then actually sell a device that does just that, simplifying everything for users. Now, they’re offering the Boxee Live TV Dongle, which will add live HD TV into the mix.

CEO Avner Ronen says that it’s a way for cable subscribers to cut the cord, especially if they only keep their subscriptions to catch live shows like local sports events, regional news or awards nights, shows that aren’t easily available via online streaming. ”Rather than pay $80 per month for cable TV, and pay a lot of money for stuff they don’t watch, [Boxee TV is] a different setup, where they have much more control over what they pay for,” Ronen explains. “We don’t think [Boxee TV] is necessarily for 100 percent of households, but I think for a good numbers of Americans, it could be a real alternative.”

On top of this, they’ve also updated their Boxee Box software up to version 1.5, adding better UI, Rotten Tomatoes integration, new library screens and support for the new dongle. If you own a Boxee Box and don’t see the update yet, you can grab it here.

The Boxee Live TV Dongle is available from their website for $49 and works with Boxee TV owners in the US and Canada.

Via Boxee Blog