Bnter Invades Android

Lauren LetoAgain, more news about the silliest corner of the social media buffet. Bnter aren’t exactly the hottest new live conversation outlet in the tech scene, neither do they have the sharpest people tweaking the product. What Bnter does have in abundance though, is creativity and a let-your-hair-down vibe that’s been attracting droves as of late. That, and their co-founder is attractive. (Probably why her picture always accompanies Bnter posts.) Also, the other co-founder (a guy) draws funny cartoons.

Fresh from the Spark capital disaster, Bnter wasted no time introducing its latest feature called bookmarklet. Sure, it’s a funny word in true Bnter fashion. What it does, however, is surprising. So far, Bnter is a haven for SMS only banter. (Forgive the alliteration.) Thanks to the bookmarklet feature, Bnter conversations are now possible via Android phones and a variety of chatting apps like Gchat, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Call them silly, but this bookmarklet upgrade is serious business.

Via: Techcrunch