Hard At Work On A Killer Search Engine

Bit.lyAh,, the little startup that’s making waves and even bigger waves. To think that fundamentally, is dedicated to shorten links.  Last month they were cooking up a rather ambitious adventure involving a willing partner:

And by really big, we mean REALLY BIG. have just embarked on a unique endeavor with Verisign, a vitally important company that specializes in DNS upkeep and online security. What motivated this alliance was a goal akin to a biblical endeavor of existential proportions: They want to find out how big the internet is.

But that’s old news. Hilary Mason recently opened up about to Business Insider. She discussed a trend-driven search engine they have got in the works and a few other crucial topics. Try the source link down south for the whole reveal. It’s worth a few minute’s reading for the interested. According to Mason, Bit’ly’s own version of search is going to rock for a number reasons:

We pull the content out of each link and get rid of the ads and all the other crap, we pull out the keywords and find out which phrases are trending. We have our celebrity dashboard, we can show you in real time which celebrities are getting attention. We’ve done it for politicians too.

The score is calculated by a bunch of different metrics — how recent it is, clicks per hour. A lot of my work is figuring out what the calculating algorithms should be. We label each URL with a bunch of metadata, like where it’s relevant. We figure out the language of the link not by the content but by the languages in the browser of people who click on the link.


Via: Business Insider