Big Apple Scramble For Programmers Is White Hot

So maybe all that nonsense about a bubble in the New York tech scene was just a natural reaction to its rapid growth because bubble or not, the startup renaissance shows no signs of waning. Especially now that 2011 has begun and everyone’s shaking off the holiday hangover, entrepreneurs big and small are chomping at the bit to launch themselves upon a new year, one that promises to be more exciting than the previous 12 months.

Despite the positive outlook, it seems there’s not enough indigenous programming talent in New York, even as unemployment hovers at nine percent. We’ve already run stories about a talent exodus to the East Coast, where the entrepreneurial frenzy and dispersal of venture dollars has created a fiery hotbed for startups. The demand for engineers, programmers, Java developers, PHP/Perl developers, and veteran marketers is officially at an all time high. No surprise that companies like Etsy, Foursquare, Rent-The-Runway, Tumblr, Intent Media are shopping for talent and looking to the West Coast for prospects. Giants like News Corp and NBC Universal are also in the game.

During a recent interview with Wired, Dave Carvajal of Dave Partners, a headhunting firm that specializes in finding engineering talent for New York clients, was pure enthusiasm about the current climate.

According to him, the biggest lure for programmers, et. al. is the exciting change of scenery New York offers: “One of the things that is attractive to a lot of the top talent is the alternative lifestyle that startups can offer, where they can actually have fun, they can actually be surrounded by people who are highly intellectual and are highly committed to making something great happen on the web. They can work equally hard, but just have a lot more fun than being in the rigid confines of finance or consulting.”

Via: Business Insider