Betaworks Teams Up with Times for New Social News Service

Betaworks, a New York-based tech incubator, is now in partnership with The New York Times in developing a personalized news service to the public:

Just like mother hens, Betaworks and The Times have been, so to speak, warming up the egg for six months now, and it will hatch sometime before this year ends. John Borthwick, chief executive officer of Betaworks, said that the news service will make its entrance as an iPad application, but a Web version might possibly come out as well.

Mr. Borthwick is keeping his lips sealed on other details about the product, saying that the name should be a clue in itself. The Times is also keeping everything under wraps. But Michael Zimbalist, VP of research and development of The Times, said they are keeping tabs on social media and other web trends, as they are “abstracting from that a vision of how social sharing and the real-time Web are going to influence the news consumption experience.”

Agreement between both parties was that Betaworks would purchase from the app prototype developed by The Time Company, then both Betaworks and The Time Company will work on the app and tweak it to perfection.

With a partnership like this, the Times gets more opportunities to “foster an entrepreneurial culture through a start-up,” while Betaworks’ principles in making the Internet as interactive and dynamic as possible become more tangible and solid.

via NYTimes