At Last! Groupon Deals Now Available In Foursquare

FoursquareCat’s out of the bag. Groupon and Foursquare have now made the alliance everyone’s been mumbling about. As of Friday, news broke that Groupon and the mobile only Groupon Now deals would be available to Foursquare users.

Call it the crowning jewel of Foursquare’s recent coup, which is to secure distribution for various deals aggregators. This of course is just the latest in a string of improvements that have expanded Foursquare in recent months. If older posts on the check-ins kings are anything to go by, within the span of two months Foursquare bagged a Made in NY Award, a generous funding round, an Android launch, and finally its targeted deals offensive. Call them over-publicized, but Foursquare are doing lots of newsworthy deeds.

This partnership with Foursquare could give a much needed boost to Groupon’s reputation. The deals giant got a beating from the press lately when the dissatisfaction merchants felt finally boiled over. There’s a significant anti-Groupon population out there accusing it of not actually benefitting small businesses.

But that’s another story. In the meantime, the cool part about Groupon Now’s availability in Foursquare is daily deals now have a viable mobile platform and can be redeemed ‘spontaneously.’

Stay tuned to read about how the pundits will weigh in on this.

Via: TechCrunch