Art Levitt is New AnyClip CEO

NYC-based AnyClip has recently experienced a change in leadership as former CEO Aaron Cohen is now replaced by Art Levitt.

Art Levitt was the former CEO of Fandango, a company that gives moviegoers easier access to the movies they want. He has also been the CEO of In 2009, Cohen became part of AnyClip, and is presently one of the partners at Jerusalem Venture Partners, AnyClip’s lead investor.

Levitt only holds a temporary position as CEO but will soon appoint someone to become the permanent CEO of AnyClip. AnyClip is a video search engine that’s allows users to search for “any clip of any movie, and time.”

AnyClip has yet to become a popular and preferred search service as compared to the phenomenal YouTube. Dealings and agreements with Hollywood studios should be looked into to expand the company’s movie database and content.

Speculations as to the reasons for Aaron Cohen’s departure are varied, such as a disagreement with investors regarding the company’s expenditures, a management disagreement, or for more ‘personal reasons’. Whatever the reason might be, AnyClip is hopeful to gain some improvements with a few changes, even if it means changing the big man on the top. Art Levitt should also be a step ahead to forefront AnyClip’s attempt to make it big, especially with the Hollywood studios.

via Business Insider