Andy Weismann Exits Betaworks, Hops Aboard Union Square Ventures

Andy WeissmanThat’s right. No less than the co-founder of business accelerator Betaworks has made a graceful exit. The real shocking part is Andy Weismann, who allegedly had a conflict of interest with Betaworks’ own VC backers, has now joined Union Square Ventures.

Thankfully, there’s not much of a hubbub or the slightest hint of awful controversy. In fact, fellow Betaworks cofounder John Borthwick was diplomatic enough to email his 82-person staff. here’s a snippet:

First, after four terrific years, Andy will be leaving Betaworks to pursue a career in venture capital at Union Square Ventures. This is a terrific opportunity – we are all very happy for him and look forward to working along side him at USV. Second, over the last several months Andy and I have been working on what comes next for Betaworks.

The entire epic can be read over at Betabeat, which first broke the news on Thursday. It seems that Weismann could not have joined USV at a better time; the prestigious VC firm is in the process of raising an enormous $200 million round. Wow.

There’s definitely going to be updates on this front, so stay tuned.

Via: Business Insider