An Interview With Michael Nusimow, CEO and Co-Founder of

Michael Nusimow is CEO and Co-Founder of, the world’s first and most robust native iPad Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Platform and it is available for free download in the iTunes App Store. He will be presenting at the upcoming NY Tech Mixer Demo & Drinks event on August 19th.

What is your company/service?
Mobile Health Care Practice Management and Point of Care Software. The iPad EMR platform is paired with a Web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) practice management backend that provides electronic medical billing and scheduling over the web. The solution allows healthcare providers to achieve meaningful use of EMR technology while modernizing and streamlining their medical billing and accounts receivable.

What were you doing before?
I worked for a number of technology companies, including two startups in which I was CTO.

Tell me how it all started, where did your vision/inspiration come from?
After missing a number of dentist appointments, I realized that doctors needed more effective and efficient solutions for patient reminders and scheduling. I built our flagship practice management system as a Web-based SaaS package, which eliminated the need for software licenses, patches, version upgrades, and operating system compatibility. Then, with the announcement of the Apple iPad, my co-founder and I saw the opportunity to tie this comprehensive suite into a robust mobile EMR platform.

Why does the world need your product?
It couldn’t be more necessary than right now. With the Obama Administration requiring ALL doctors to adopt EMR/EHR systems by 2014, we have launched during a doctor’s most critical time of need. Until now, doctors using EMRs have been forced to carry bulky, heavy laptops around.

Studies have shown that having a doctor work on a laptop while in the exam room proved to be uncomfortable and impersonal. The iPad eliminates this awkwardness. But we’re not focusing exclusively on the iPad. We are also building our EMR on the Google Android OS (and will again be the first to launch a native system on that platform).

What keeps you motivated?
The knowledge that we have created a product that can literally change the world. Health care needs a comprehensive, yet affordable system. Many EMRs are far too expensive for the average small practice. Those that are more affordable (or free) are often too simplistic.

Our system hits the nail on the head. On top of that, the EMR platform is tied into our Web-based electronic billing, scheduling and reminder system, which means our customers get it all. Lastly, our pricing structure allows us to give away both the EMR and an iPad to every customer FOR FREE, without compromising product integrity.

This upcoming gathering, being a Demos and Drinks event, we have to ask: what’s your favorite drink?
Diet Coke.

Michael Nusimow will be providing a demo at NY Tech Mixer’s August 19th event at Crimson. Visit to RSVP.

photo from Dr. Chrono’s flickrstream