An Interview With Limor Elkayam, Founder and CEO of

Limor Elkayam is the CEO and founder of Spotery, a human edited social news aggregator. She is looking for mid level LAMP developers, content curators and Series A investors. She will be presenting at the upcoming NY Tech Mixer Demo & Drinks event on August 19th.

What is your company/service? is a human edited Social News Aggregator. Users share news stories, but content curators filter the ones before they make it to the homepage and respective category pages. Users can follow other ‘spotters’ and see their submitted stories on a news feed, and add additional angles to any story. Spotery is a one stop shop for the day’s top news from around the web.

What were you doing before you started Spotery?
I was the account lead for MTVN at 360i, running digital marketing campaigns for Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, TVland and others.

Tell me how it all started, where did your vision/inspiration come from?
After college, I went to work at a local 24-hour news station as an Assignment Editor/Producer. I then went to work at the Food Network and 360i working on various media companies, including MTV Networks. I realized that there was so much great content from all the different sites that was skipped over and I wanted to create a hub for people to go and share/consume this great content. People were sharing interesting stories on other social networks, but felt there was no place to just share news. Some other social news sites out there were too tech heavy and there was nothing for the average web consumer that just wants a few minutes to catch up on the days news or find viral videos, etc. If your friends weren’t sharing anything, where would one go to get this content? And that’s how it all started…

Why does the world need your product? Why now?
Well, information overload is a bigger issue than ever. No one knows where to go anymore without being bombarded by content. Because there are so many sites on the web, people that don’t have time or access to social networks miss so many great stories. In addition, there’s so much noise and too many status updates on some social networks that you literally need to work to find your news. At Spotery, we’re all news, and if you’re interested in a topic, you can go and take it all in. The big media companies wont direct you to a great NYT article and a funny CollegeHumor link; Spotery curates the best of the web by combining social news and content curation.

What keeps you up at night?
Ha, what doesn’t? I’ve seen 4-5am too many nights. Eventually, you realize that worrying or stressing gets you nowhere. Its good to be aware of the issues at hand, but finding solutions to the problems is the only way to get through them.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Listen to all feedback about your site. Ignore the positive and listen to the negative. Don’t focus on the negative or get discouraged by it, just listen to it, and solve for it. Realize that there will be many days where you have lows, but the high days make up for it. Find someone who always believes in what you’re doing and helps you through the rough days. Know your weaknesses and ask for help when you need it. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help you out or just be there.

This upcoming gathering, being a Demos and Drinks event, we have to ask: what’s your favorite drink?
On a typical night you’ll see me drinking a beer, but I’m a big fan of Kettle One Dirty Martinis, extra dirty.

Limor Elkayam will be providing a demo at NY Tech Mixer’s August 19th event at Crimson. Visit to RSVP.