An Interview With Charlie Perry, Co-Founder of

Teamitup enables athletes and teams to manage and share their sports updates in real-time. Users create a profile to keep track of their schedule, results, stats, and news.  This gives all sports participants the tools to connect with their sports world as it happens. Think of Facebook and Twitter, but for sports, where you can follow and engage all athletes and teams of interest. We launched publicly on Sept 10th, 2011 and are looking for investors (seed round) and a rails developer.

Why does the world needs your product?

There is no bigger (size) more passionate market in the world that relies on real-time updates and the current options are not getting the job done.

What keeps you motivated?

What’s not to be motivated about? It’s sports, it’s your favorite players and teams, and it’s about making it easier to follow them in real-time.

Tell me how it all started, where did your vision/inspiration come from?

Teamitup’s founders have played sports all of their lives (from collegiate to pro) and still have problems getting updates about all of the players and teams they care about in a timely manner.  We want to know when our opponents, friends, and family’s next game is and how they played.  But we have to rely on a website to be updated or word to be relayed and often times it is super delayed or never happens.  Teamitup targets the sources of sports information (athletes and teams) and gives them simple tools to share their updates in real-time.

What would you consider to be a successful result for your company?

You relying on Teamitup to get real-time updates about the players and teams you care about.

Favorite drink?


Charlie will be providing a demo at NY Tech Mixer’s Demos & Drinks on Tue, Sep 27, 7:00 PM @ Gallery Bar.Visit to RSVP.