An Interview With Amit Vemuri, CEO & Founder of Teaspiller

Amit Vemuri portraitAmit Vemuri is the founder and CEO of Teaspiller, a tax and accounting network where users can harness nationwide accounting talent to do their accounting for them. This is possible thanks to user features that allows them to sift through a comprehensive database and find the right accountant for their particular financial needs. Dubbed “the only tool that finds you the best accountant” by its founder, Teaspiller is actively seeking people who need help straightening out their financial situation and taxes. Amit will be presenting a demo at the NY Tech Mixer event this February 15.

Tell me how it all started, where did your vision/inspiration come from?

After Travelocity, I was consulting and realized that it was really stressful, time-consuming, and expensive to do your tax and accounting (even using software). After filing my taxes late, I decided I needed to find an accountant. But even after asking friends and googling, I still found it pretty painful …   So huzzah! I decided something needed to be done.

Teaspiller logoWhat is your company/service?

Teaspiller is for people who dread doing their taxes or accounting. It’s the only tool that helps you find the best accountant, then gives you an elegant platform to work with your accountant. The best part is it’s surprisingly easy, fast, and affordable.

What were you doing before?

I love trying to figure-out how to disintermediate boring industries with the internet—and most of my experience has been in travel and book retail.  I was a VP at Travelocity where I helped grow their last-minute packaging division into a $100+ million business. Before that I was a Director at a startup called Site59 that we sold to Travelocity.  I also held some tech roles in the past at and

Why does the world need your product?  Why now?

Two out of three Americans use a tax professional to do their taxes for them.   Not only is that more than do-it-yourself tax software, but people are strangely walking into an accountant’s office.  With the technology behind Teaspiller, that doesn’t need to happen anymore.  Because while your relationship with a great accountant is as important as your relationship with your doctor, your accountant really doesn’t need to give you a breast exam to understand how you’re doing financially.

What does Teaspiller mean?

I was in a library reading up on US tax history and found an old book that said “teaspiller” was an editorial term used back in the day to describe the Boston Tea Party protestors of 1773.  I decided that it was the perfect name for what we were trying to do—a bunch of mavericks having fun dressing-up to change a tax and accounting regime.

This upcoming gathering, being a Demos & Drinks event, we have to ask: What’s your favorite drink?

After living in London for boarding school for almost two years, I should probably say, “There’s nothing like good scotch on a rainy day.”  But most of the time, you’ll probably see me just sipping coke from a straw.

Amit Vemuri will be presenting a demo at NY Tech Mixer’s February 15 event at Crimson. Visit to RSVP.

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  • Tooting Accountants

    Tax planning is really very important for any businessman. And your post is very helpful to any tax planning.

  • Tooting Accountants

    Tax planning is really very important for any businessman. And your post is very helpful to any tax planning.

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