Amazon Buys Woot For A Cool $110 Million

For a site that says it expects profitability by 2043, Woot certainly cashed out quicker than expected by selling itself, goods and all, in a $110 million cash deal with online retail behemoth Amazon. Matt Rutledge, CEO and Founder of Woot, shared the news with his employees in the usual snarky manner of the site, stating that, “Jeff Bezos the Mighty had seized our magic sword.”

Beneath the crazy humor and rant though, the deal seems to mean that while Woot in now part of the Amazon ecosystem, they will still operate pretty much the same as usual and will continue to deliver their wit along with their daily deals. It’s similar to the deal Amazon had with Zappos, a shoe retail site they also purchased. Will the retail giant roll out the same one deal-a-day offers of Woot to other areas of their business? Only time will tell.

via Woot