After Success Of TechStars Reality Series, New Series Planned For LA

 To be honest, watching entrepreneurs go down the reality TV route isn’t very appealing. But in the media world, everything is a story and why should Bloomberg pass up a chance to put a reality show spin on a trend happening right under its nose? Thus explains TechStars’ headlong rush and subsequent triumph in the reality TV wastes. Okay, this is old news, so why bother mentioning it?

Turns out TechStars New York was so promising, so appealing even, that producer Cameron Casey wants a redux…in Los Angeles. What makes it different this time around, other than the setting, is the scope. According to a leading tech blog, the new show is likely a multi-season extravaganza.

That’s right, another TechStars-ish reality series but this time based in the West Coast and the incubator involved is called Start Engine. It’s gonna be hectic, hectic, hectic. Expect the Start Engine series to debut early next year.

Via: Techcrunch