Adstruc in Big Billboard Business


Adstruc is a New York-based startup for buying and selling outdoor advertising. This is like AdWords in meatspace.

The company has been named one of Betabeat’s 10 Disruptive New York Startups back in 2011. But the company has been quiet since then.

But the company has been very busy. In fact it now books billboards nationwide for more than 800 clients.

Adtsruct is behind a crowdfunded billboard against SOPA (proclaiming “Don’t mess with the internet) in the home district of SOPA sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas).

The billboard was coordinated with Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian’s company Breadpig.

Adstruc also closed a deal with Peeble, the highest grossing Kickstarter project ever. Adstruct booked a billboard for Peeble on the 101 in Silicon Valley.

The startup also ventured into interactive displays with a billboard for Bleacher Report. The billboard streamed news about specific sports teams based on tweets by locals.

“Things couldn’t be better – we’ve hit our stride in our industry and are working on some major agency/tech integrations,” CEO and cofounder John Laramie told Betabeat in an email. “We are now working with over 800 companies and have national coverage.”

ADstruc, headquartered in Soho, is up to 12 employees and is hiring designers.


Source: Betabeat