Ad Enablers Are Becoming A Powerful Force In NY Tech

Simply put, Ad enablers are businesses that gauge how appropriate certain websites are for a specific company’s ads. They can also be called the new gatekeepers into the evolving post-recession world of online advertising.

The thing is the ad enabler scene covers a broad spectrum of services dedicated to letting their clients reach prospective customers. Ad enablers have also grown into the most lucrative tech property in recent years, attracting millions of dollars in funding with expected profits in the hundreds of millions.

Ad enablers could be social media specific or be dedicated to crafting algorithms that allow companies to target anonymous customers via browsing habits. While such a practice is bound to trigger privacy issues, as of this writing stringent regulation hasn’t been slapped on the growing industry yet.

What makes customer-specific advertising so attractive is it finally removes the possibility of duds—ads that don’t draw in purchases. Unlike before, where chunks of display space were sold, companies and advertisers are now able to know who will be most receptive to their content. How do ad enablers profit from this? Since they have the tools, one method is they simply auction “audience defined inventory.” Such a method has allowed AdMeld to rapidly grow in the three years since its launch.

Considering the relative youth of the emerging players involved, prospects are still bright in the ad enabler scene. So bright, in fact, that the money flow into ad enabling companies is expected to reach billions as they make their presence felt in online advertising.

Via: Crains New York