About The City Hackathon

Rachel-SterneIt all starts with NYC.gov, a city portal that’s deemed hideous by many. It’s also a sprawling mess at over a million pages. To further ingratiate itself with the tech scene and local hacking talent, a hackathon is going down at the end of the month at general Assembly.

Strangely enough, it’s not very popular. Apparently hackathons have garnered ill reputes as places where hackers do unpaid work.

A local developer consulted by a prominent tech news site also raised his own eyebrows as well as other concerned eyebrows upon perusing the criteria for entry. It included a vague “experience” clause that asked if the hacker has previously created a site with a million page views since.

The other hot button requirements are usability, scope, and aesthetics.

Rachel Sterne, when pressed about the weirdness, explained fully:

“…In general, regarding the terms, as a government entity, we operate differently than a private company, so our legal requirements in sponsoring an event like a hackathon demand that we draw up such legal terms. We need to both innovate and meet all legal obligations, and I hope the public understands that we need to successfully satisfy both demands. This is new territory for government, and our legal team has been working hard to help us move forward.”

Via: Betabeat