A Week of Chirp with NY’s Very Own Bitly In The News

Has Chirp left you over-Twittered?  I’m guessing it has, so I’ll leave it to the hundreds of other news articles, blogs, and tweets to summarize this past week’s events.  On the otherhand, I figured it’d be relevant to highlight some other articles that sprung out of Chirp – specifically those on New York’s very own bit.ly, which had a roller-coaster ride in the press.  Here are a few of the most heated articles from last week:

One minute, TechCrunch is publishing articles about the end of bitly – the next minute, Business Insider’s claiming bitly to be the next Google.  One thing’s for sure: the media has no idea what to make of the service. 

While it would be beyond me to speculate about bitly’s future, it’s great to see a New York based startup grabbing headlines.  In my opinion, all press is good press and at least people are starting to think harder about bitly beyond just being a URL shortener.  What I do know is that bitly has some astounding numbers in terms of usage.  Take a look on Compete.com:

Twitter’s announcement is also likely to have little impact on them.  Only a miniscule percentage (less than 1%) of link shortening is done directly through Twitter versus other third-party apps built ontop of Twitter like TweetDeck, TweetMeme, etc.  Additionally, bitly seems to be making solid headway building a new business around bitly Pro, which has been rapidly growing with over 6,000 companies signed up including the New York Times, Amazon, foursquare, and The New York Tech Blog (yeah, that’s us!).  Finally, beyond URL shortening, most people don’t realize the enormous value of the data the company has in terms of tracking how people are sharing content across social media platforms in real-time.  While no one has yet to figure out how to monetize social media in a scalable, multi-billion dollar fashion, bitly’s data might prove to be a major part of that puzzle.  It’ll be an interesting company to monitor going forward.