A Webgrrrls NYC Debriefing

Nelly YusupovaWebgrrrls are an interesting group. They’re a regular meetup association who discuss what’s relevant in tech at the moment. For this month’s installment (happened on July 13) an epic forum on useful apps took place. It turns out women often use mobile apps for infinitely more practical ends, like keeping tab of their social networking commitments.

Two particular apps were singled out for praise by chapter leader Nelly Yusopova. These were Evernote and Seesmic. A quick look-see at either reveals their virtues.

Evernote is basically a digitized mobile version of post its and your office organizer, allowing users to grab and save media for later perusal.

Seesmic, on the other hand, describes itself as a suite for social media management.

Visiting Webgrrrls HQ reveals the ranks are growing. It’s also an attractive prospect for female entrepreneurs desirous of connections, camaraderie, and a pulse of the times.

So as not to repeat themselves, Webgrrrls often discuss hot button topics in the tech sphere and is a valuable space for the girl crowd in NY Tech.

Via: NYConvergence