A Nice Keith Rabois Anecdote To Tell Friends

Keith RaboisLong story short, Keith Rabois opined that blogging wasn’t all that important. For entrepreneurs at least.

For those not in the know, Keith Rabois is the COO/general manager of credit card innovators Sqaure, who’ve been doing a lot of great business. In fact, here’s a glimpse of their recent activity from an earlier post:

“Perhaps one of the biggest coups by a young company from the scene (namely Square) is a new partnership with Apple. Square, those purveyors of smart phone credit card payments thanks to a small swipe gadget, are now available in physical and digital Apple stores. The even better news for Square is the Square card—their game changing gadget—is available for just under ten bucks. This deal with Apple seems to be a strategic effort geared towards the iPhone worshiping crowd. If Square grabs them, they’ll be running a brisk business in no time.”

Anyway, so Keith Rabois and VC Jordan Cooper got the chance to publicly debate via Twitter an issue in quite friendly terms. The big deal was when Keith Rabois uttered/tweeted:

“I have invested in nearly 75 companies, no more than 2 of the founders have an active blog, maybe less.”

That’s very telling, since anyone in the tech scene bothers with circulating their own ideas via the blog platform. Maybe it simply emphasizes the difference in culture between Silicon Valley and the Alley. Keith Rabois is a Valley veteran after all.

Via: Betabeat