A Briefing On the FriendsList-SocialListing Issue

WinklevossBy issue is meant a rather commonplace occurrence where great ideas are turned into separate  potentially viable companies by a group of enthusiastic techies. The problem is this minor non-event has been elevated to the heights of a potential  ‘Winklevoss’ situation after the whiny Ivy League twins going after Mark Zuckerberg. At least it didn’t turn ugly and had a decent ending.

But the Facebook connection doesn’t end there. Friendslist was inspired by a Facebook Group and the idea inspired by FriendsList called SocialListing is uh, okay this is strange.

The whole saga began when Lawrence Lewitinn and Jonathan Wegener started dreaming up of taking their respective Facebook Group’s to a Craigslist level. Or more precisely, Levitinn shared to Wegener his desire to do so. This means creating a startup whose core product was a friends only by-invitation ads feed for any type of small commerce, listings, and transactions.

The weirdness came about when Wegener, who liked the idea, brought his own spin on the friends only ads feed to TechStars and got to demo SocialListings. Uh oh.

Long story short, even if the entire possible conflict it could have started almost happened, the two got together, articulated their ideas, and came out of the experience better off.

So the moral of the story is: Look to your creative peers for inspiration. Also, don’t act like the Winklevii.

Via: Business Insider