A Hyperlocal Success Story: The Alternative Press

Michael ShapiroHyperlocal. Cool word. It’s a relatively new kind of media trend in this age of digital print, if The Alternative Press is anything to go by. Also known as TAP for short, the network of community-centric news sites is currently raking in a generous amount of advertiser cash. This means in terms of scale, TAP can scale.

Founded by a lawyer who decided to do his community good, Mike Shapiro launched the news site in 2008 and it has since grown to impressive proportions. Over 200 contributing freelancers, a steady stream of merchant advertisers, and an ambitious growth plan that targets 500 different locals in New Jersey. Oh yes, that’s the catch—TAP is a New Jersey enterprise run by a guy who works in Manhattan.

The numbers of TAP so far are quit impressive, including 500,000 visitors a day throughout the 15-point network. Precious advertising money is flowing in at a rate of 25% a year. The cherry on top is the TAP should profit $100,000 by 2013.

Pretty impressive for a guy who didn’t have any media experience whatsoever when he started.

Via: Street  Fight Mag