A Glimpse Into The Green Of The Tech Scene

Green BuildingFor proof that the city government is lending the tech scene a hand, look no farther than the Municipal Entrepreneurial Testing System  (METS for short). What it does is accept proposals from green tech companies to test their products in city owned buildings. This couldn’t have come at a better time since the Big Apple is currently making a serious efforts to cast itself as an eco-conscious metropolitan habitat where sustainable ideas take root.

Turns out the METS program dates all the way back to 2010 and is only now getting into gear. The hoped for long term after effect of such an initiative is job creation thanks to the innovative tech that it will presumably foster and showcase.

Green tech startups and entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit a letter of intent by Friday and a five page application on June 30. Succesful applicants will be selected for the rare opportunity to prove their mettle based on a number of factors, including feasibility and how viable the product is as a commercial application, among other criteria.

An element of mentoring is also in the mix, as the fortunate companies who get to field test their products, be it software or an energy conservation mechanism (for example), are selected based on assessment by specialists and academics.

Via: Sustainable Cities Collective