4Chan Founder Christopher Poole Joins Lerer Ventures

Former teenage wunderkind Christopher Poole, who also goes by the name Moot, has just hopped aboard Lerer Ventures as an adviser whose sole task is to scout for talent. Poole, founder of 4Chan and Canvas Networks, will be putting his considerable experience as an underground web developer to good use when he’s tasked with giving the thumbs up on future Lerer deals.

The addition of Poole to Lerer Ventures’ panel of advisers is nothing new, as the fund has previously harnessed the expertise of Huffington Post CEO Eric Hippeau and Buzfeed CEO/Huffington Post co-founder Jonah Peretti. Both are now officially Poole’s colleagues, though the 22 year old Poole himself isn’t a formal partner. What Poole is expected to bring into the day-to-day work of Lerer Ventures aside from his advising duties are his connections with hackers, who may prove essential to expanding Lerer Ventures role as a seed fund, especially since it has invested in no less than 30 startups for this year alone.

Moot had this to say about his newest gig: “Like everyone else at Lerer I’m primarily focused on building my company, but I view my participation in the fund as a way to stay current as the world changes and invest in my peers who are doing amazing things.” He added, “I think I’d be drawn to a founder whose story somewhat parallels my own—working on cool stuff from a young age and more motivated by an interest in solving hard problems than the prospect of striking it rich.”

Via: Techcrunch