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Style For Hire Gets Hefty Seed Round

The fashion aspect of the surging tech scene always makes for great news. Why? because it’s happening in New York, of all places. Small wonder then that Style For Hire, which is Brooklyn-based, has made known its intention to grow nationally in the wake of a million dollar funding round. A hefty $1,075,000  from Golden [...]


A Word Of Caution From Jared Hecht

Because trolling blogs often uncovers sterling material, it comes as no surprise that Jared Hecht’s recent authored piece should enjoy some circulation. Wait, Jared Hecht? The GroupMe co-founder. (See the picture? Guy on the right.)  On Monday he wrote on his blog how having too many investors for funding (a so-called syndicate) doesn’t really translate [...]


Paul McKellar Hooks Up With SV Angel

As a matter of fact, SV Angels are pretty ubiquitous in the tech scene. Just try the search bar on the top right and be floored by the results. Small wonder then that someone bagging the Founder In Residence title makes news. The person in question is Paul McKellar, who first landed in the tech [...]


NYCEDC Publicizes Its Success Stories

Okay, so maybe local entrepreneurs aren’t giving the NYCEDC the kudos they deserve. Never mind, because the NYCEDC has the resources to champion itself. This is exactly what happened when it recently entertained a group of international journalists. To boost its reputation as a game changing institution at a time of economic doldrums, the NYCEDC [...]


Opinionaided Morphs Into Thumb

Ah, Opinionaided. A noble effort in receiving people’s feedback without inviting trolls. The mobile platform was originally conceived as a Q&A resource where users posted their questions, thus eliciting replies. Not that the model failed, bot for reasons related to scale and going mainstream, the Opinionaided team have decided on a name change. They’re now [...]


Pivot Gone Right: Gets Lotsa Money

From investors, that is. $40 million to be specific. is a pivot story that begs retelling. Turns out they started off as a gay social netowrk. Happy times didn’t last long, however, because the founder (one Jason Goldberg) thought that sellign stuff was better business. Turns out he’s right. Good for then that [...]


SponsorHub Scores Generous Funding Round

 SponsorHub is proof there’s still so much virgin territory in the tech scene. See, in a bustling metropolis events are a fundamental aspect of the general ‘bustle’ that animates local activity. What has earned SponsorHub a recent funding round, which it just announced, is the recommendation it has got going for needy sponsors. By using [...]

Share Hard At Work On A Killer Search Engine

Ah,, the little startup that’s making waves and even bigger waves. To think that fundamentally, is dedicated to shorten links.  Last month they were cooking up a rather ambitious adventure involving a willing partner: And by really big, we mean REALLY BIG. have just embarked on a unique endeavor with Verisign, a vitally important [...]


Startups Finally Moving To Respectable Office Spaces

Since 2011 proved to be an incredible year of growth in the tech scene, it comes as no surprise that a huge migration is ongoing among once fledgling companies. In the span of a single week, reports have confirmed that both Foursquare and Zaarly have laid plans for moving. In fact, the latter has an [...]


Yahoo Moves Into Manhattan

But wait, it’s not as if Yahoo are migrating from their legacy haunt in California. Instead, Yahoo Studios will be occupying a newly leased space at 40th Street. It turns out that video content is one of Yahoo’s hottest properties and to accommodate its healthy growth a vast production facility with studios and edit rooms [...]