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Live Gamer Scores $8.5 Million From VCs

Live Gamer seems to be doing pretty well for themselves. Those unfamiliar with the platform might run into their specialty during prolonged stints of gaming. Turns out Live Gamer is responsible for a good chunk of in game micro-transactions and are pretty dominant in that particular space. According to their site, Live Gamer: …provides a [...]


NYCEDC Welcomes First Ever EIR

The title upstairs seems a little too heavy on the acronyms. For the sake of clarity, the New York Economic Development Corporation has just unveiled its very own Entrepreneur In Residence. Okay, ‘unveiled’ sounds dramatic in excess. Steve Rosenbaun was outed recently and he’s got quite a task on his shoulders. What Rosenbaum is going [...]


Airbnb Is Getting Lots Of Attention

Especially from the travelling set, who rightly hail it as a godsend. Airbnb allows special rent transactions where owners can make earn by letting guests pay for a room, a bed, or even a couch. Okay, so it stops at beds. Closets might be too weird though. Anyway, considering the steep rise in hotel room [...]


Dispatch Lands Generous Seed Round

That title should stretch a little longer to include “Worth Short Of A Million Bucks.” The exact amount is actually $965,000, which must be enough until the next bunch of investors swoop in. The purveyors of the cash are a collection of VCs with interesting CVs. These include David Tisch, Lerer Ventures, Thrive Capital, and [...]


Foursquare Founder Keeps It Humble

As Dennis Crowley puts it: People pat me on the back all the time and tell me how great I’m doing. It’s true we’ve made something people like. But we’re on the 20 yard line with a long way to go. So the congratulations are a little premature. Turns out him and Fred Wilson were [...]


Some Of The Stuff That Makes Silicon Alley Better

A few months ago, Silicon Alley possessed a handful of advantages over its congenial rival in the West Coast. The paradigm has shifted a bit since and one astute writer pointed out exactly where the Alley wins hands down. Matt Straz is right on the money when he hails the intersection of media and marketing [...]


General Assembly To Invade England Next Year

Nothing beats a powerful story with an evocative headline, as the above so proudly proclaims. It’s official, ladies and gentlemen. Coworking has crossed the pond and landed on British shores. No wait–there are plans to land on British shores and establish a beachhead in East London. This from General Assembly, the fabled coworking hive that’s [...]

Share Is Up To Something Really Big

And by really big, we mean REALLY BIG. have just embarked on a unique endeavor with Verisign, a vitally important company that specializes in DNS upkeep and online security. What motivated this alliance was a goal akin to a biblical endeavor of existential proportions: They want to find out how big the internet is. [...]


Kevin Ryan Says Gilt Groupe Is In Great Shape

On Friday, Gilt Groupe CEO Kevin Ryan opened up to Ilya Marritz for a rare interview. The resulting material reveals a few interesting details about himself and his company. Gilt Groupe have gotten a lot of mileage here at NY Tech Blog and for good reason. For starters, it’s a fast growing company in the [...]


WeWork Labs And Other CoWorking Hives Are Growing Real Fast

Because of present conditions that have inspired the immortal slogan “The rent is too damn high!”, coworking has become the contemporary tech scene’s fast-expanding offshoot. It’s not really a recent invention either, as pointed out in an earlier post. The novelty of coworking other than low prices is it brings people together for collaborative endeavors [...]