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Knewton Closes $33 Million D Round

The education space is heating up with Knewton closing a $33 million Series D round led by the Founders Fund. Other participants in the round are Accel Partners, Pearson, Bessemer Venture Partners and FirstMark Capital. Think of the service as a personal tutor of sorts, using its trademarked Adaptive Learning Platform to customize learning tools [...]

Share Goes Mobile Via Android, iPad And iPhone

Who says flash sales sites are going away? Fab has just released a set of free apps for its site on Android, iPad and iPhone. If you’re wondering just what Fab is, it’s a combination of a deals site and a design magazine. It was started by Jason Goldberg and others to offer “daily design [...]


NYC BigApps Going On Its Third Year

Part of the big New York push to attract startups, the NYC BigApps 3.0 competition is giving away a cool $50,000 to the best city app around. Budding app developers and industry veterans will be given around 750 NYC Open Data feeds to crunch, munch and tinker with, as well as APIs from a few [...]


Gourmet Food Site Lot18 Hitting $25 Million Revenue This Year

Invitation-only membership site Lot18 is set to hit a staggering $25 million in gross revenue by year’s end. That’s a lot of fine wine and specialty dishes if you ask me. Even more surprising is that this company started by Philip James and Kevin Fortuna is not even a year old and that they are [...]


Get Some Fresh Air And Free Wi-Fi At NYC Parks

If you’re living the startup life, spending days at a time cooped up in your office is nothing new. AT&T wants to get you out of that cramped space and into the wide open parks of New York City for some well-deserved sunlight and fresh air. The carrier just announced that it’s providing free Wi-Fi [...]


Contemplating The Tumblr Success Story In Less Than 250 Words

Very much like its closest competitor WordPress, Tumblr has quite a serious problem in its hands. This was mentioned in an earlier post heralding their greatest success to date, that being a huge funding round from a bunch of people. To inform the reader’s memory: For this reason it has become the recipient of an [...]


Ultra Light Startups And NY Angels Form Alliance

It’s unclear who the main instigator for this rare event was, since its implications are exciting. So exciting, it could transform the tech scene’s networking culture. So was it pitching space Ultra Light Startups or its latest amour and VC haven NY Angels who made the first move? That doesn’t seem to matter now with [...]


Silicon Alley 500 Is Coming!

Hurry and mark October 15 on your paper, mobile or online calendar. The venue for the occasion is none other than the New York Stock Exchange, at a time that Anonymous claims it would have been ‘destroyed.’ Its proximity to the current rising in Wall Street is a coincidence of the most awful sort—protest corporate [...]


The Hackers Union Is Born At General Assembly

In retrospect, ’twas inevitable. The New York streets are currently choked with the dreams and wishes of so many hackers sinking their teeth into the tech scene. According to one of its leading proponents, however, the local engineering community is “lackluster.” Thus, a viable Hackers Union is needed to organize the labor/talent pool.  Their mission [...]


AngelList Is The Go-To Place For VCs And Startups Alike

Born from a Kauffman Foundation grant, in the span of a year AngelList has become a petri dish for small tech companies. It’s literally teeming with startups, numbering somewhere in the neighborhood of 13,000 in addition to 2,000 plus investors. A no-revenue and need-to-know hub for trolling potential success stories, AngelList is manned by a [...]