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Drchrono Receives $750,000 In Seed Funding Round

By the time Drchrono has grown beyond its startup cocoon, doctors everywhere might be working differently. Drchrono is an iPad app that voids all the usual paperwork of the medical profession and lets doctors work on their medical records thru the iPad. By work is meant everything from prescriptions to notes to patient history. Everything. [...]


Zipments Is Open For Business

Zipments offers a novel experience to solve user problems. What kind of problems do its users have? Delivery. So what Zipments does is crowd source a non-professional courier service. That’s right: instead of hiring a courier, get somebody to deliver it for you. TechCrunch compares it to Zaarly, but to be honest, it really belongs [...]


NYCEDC Announces NYC Next Idea For 2011-2012

To further boost the Big Apple’s reputation as a hot bed for cutting edge innovation, the NYCEDC has just broken news about the NYC Next Idea 2011-2012 installment. Open to all fresh grads and basically young people with great ideas, the NYCEDC hopes its Next Idea initiative can suck in talent from all around the [...]


Foursquare Finally Goes Android

It’s called Notifications. A news stream that alerts the Android-phone wielding user about action on their profile and generally “keeps you posted when things happen.” The Notifications feature on Android marks quite an upset, since Foursquare have always rolled out new stuff on iPhones. But Apple loyalists and Blackberry faithful shouldn’t fret, as Notifications will [...]

Share Is Getting Lots Of Attention

Is a new funding round in the air? In the aftermath of a Friday night party over at New Work City, speculation is rife that several prominent VCs are jostling for the opportunity to lead new funding round matched by a hefty valuation. By hefty is meant somewhere in the neighborhood of between $35 to [...]


New York Magazine Dives Into Dating

The guys at must have been hooping with joy the moment their new partnership went live. The partner of course, is New York, the glossy magazine that’s got quite a heritage to live up to. NY Tech Blog are no strangers to, writing about them as early as last year: “In a nutshell, [...]


Dan Frommer Starts From Scratch With SplatF

A while back, it was reported here at NY Tech Blog that Business Insider vet Dan Frommer was leaving his beloved on an unknown adventure: “The fact that Business Insider’s Dan Frommer has vacated his post to go down the entrepreneur route should be the most positive indicator for the tech climate. Such a seemingly [...]


The Tricky Business Of Bookabottle

Try guessing what Bookabottle does in under five seconds. Clue: It involves nightclubs and alcoholic sustenance. Long story short, Bookabottle lets party goers reserve a place at a nightclub of choice for a discount and claim it via receipt once they reach the venue. The supposed ‘genius’ of Bookabottle is it saves nightclub habitués the [...]


Bridging the Divide: Introducing Change by US NYC

There really is a consensus among the tech troopers of the Big Apple that the city government is a distant figure locked in a silver tower. Okay, okay, so there’s Rachel Sterne (her picture on the top left) to formally articulate and promote what Mayor Bloomberg wants done to foster innovation and alleviate the jobs [...]


Nestio Closes Hefty Seed Funding Round

Thanks to Quotidian Ventures and an all-star cast of VCs, Nestio is awash in $750,000. The seed funding good fortune will enable Nestio to perfect its hassle-free apartment searching platform. See, what Nestio does is provide a variety of tools to help people looking for an apartment. Going beyond listings, Nestio incorporates a file sharing [...]