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Where Will The Tech University Rise?

It’s common knowledge these days that Stanford is really itching to set up shop in the Big Apple. Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t mind obliging them, except that there are other contenders. But a larger question looms once the institution for the job is chosen: Where it will stand? The vague answer to that has been circulating [...]


New York Startup Comes Out Swinging

An Irish entrepreneur launched a suspiciously similar website with suspiciously similar features to one of our own. The grieved party is Forrst, a designer/developer haven based locally. In a lawsuit filed at the New York Southern District Court, the guys at Forsst want Fursst to pay. Wait, Fursst? It’s an Ireland based startup launched by [...]

Share Nightlife Aggregator App Launches

It went live on Friday and targets the vibrant city night lovers inclined. The idea behind is to be a search engine for social events across the Big Apple. It’s like a constant feed for those hungry to unwind in style but don’t know where to go. Since is not even a weekend [...]

Share Hackathon Goes Live This Weekend

Expect a more comprehensive debriefing later next week as the aftermath officially sets in. Meanwhile, General Assembly is hosting a rare event on behalf of the city government. Earlier this month, news broke of a new civic-minded call to arms from Rachel Sterne. New York’s first digital officer wanted to rally the troops for a [...]


At Last! Groupon Deals Now Available In Foursquare

Cat’s out of the bag. Groupon and Foursquare have now made the alliance everyone’s been mumbling about. As of Friday, news broke that Groupon and the mobile only Groupon Now deals would be available to Foursquare users. Call it the crowning jewel of Foursquare’s recent coup, which is to secure distribution for various deals aggregators. [...]


Thanks To Drchrono Paperless Clinics Are A Reality

As soon as every practicing doctor starts using the iPad app. This becomes reality once a new government incentive program kicks in, thereby easing the transition to a tablet-aided medical practice. (Pictured left is cofounder Michael Nusinow.) If Drchrono hardly rings a bell, don’t fret. It’s an all encompassing app that allows doctors to eschew [...]


Khoi Vinh On The Future Of iPad Publishing

Khoi Vinh? A design hound. Meaning he’s the kind of guy bonkers for design and even worked for the New York Times as design director once upon a time. He’s got a fresh interview (see the source link below) and a few crucial insights on the challenges of tablet publishing. Teaser: It doesn’t look good [...]


In New York, Everyone Has The Startup Bug

Thanks to so much money being poured into fledgling startups and big news about hefty IPOs, the bandwagon is nearly filled to bursting. At least this is the tone of Adrienne Jeffries’ latest article. The lengthy piece examines not so much what’s happening but what’s going on behind what’s happening. The best word that comes [...]


Etsy Founder Rob Kalin Vacates CEO Post (Again)

The guy who makes his own underwear has demoted himself once more. Why? Not clear, but CT Chad Dickerson is taking his place. It must be understood that for a founder, Rob Kalin is more of a visionary than a nuts and bolts engineer. On an earlier Etsy story, here’s what was written: “Just five [...]


A Hyperlocal Success Story: The Alternative Press

Hyperlocal. Cool word. It’s a relatively new kind of media trend in this age of digital print, if The Alternative Press is anything to go by. Also known as TAP for short, the network of community-centric news sites is currently raking in a generous amount of advertiser cash. This means in terms of scale, TAP [...]