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Women 2.0 To Launch Its Own Pre-Incubator Program

It’s going to be a hot and crowded summer once a wholes series of programs/courses get underway in earnest. Joining the fray is Women 2.0, perhaps the most visible and active female tech-entrepreneurship social venture in the country. The group’s 2011 Founders Lab has just launched in New York and San Fran, with the program [...]

Share Reaches Out To The Other

This is how Tim Carnes describes his website’s mission to the New York Times’ Mark Oppenheimer. Carnes is a Texas born Methodist and reformed drag racer who’s embarking on his own little online venture at 50 plus years of age. A Big Apple resident, veteran journalist and writer, Carnes launched to map out the [...]


4th Annual NYC Twestival Kicks Off Tomorrow

Come tomorrow night the 4th Annual Twestival goes down at Studio Twenty One in 59 West 21st street. Twestival is a Twitter/social media driven yearly event held in various cities to support charitable causes.  Twestivals have been held in every continent since launching two years ago.For such a young social media movement, Twestival has got [...]


Owen Davis Of NYC Seed: There Are No More 250K Seed Rounds

Why so? According to Davis: “A startup says we want an X amount for our valuation, and all it needs is to get a few people to say yes to it. Then it can say to everyone else, Look, this is what the market is supporting.” This revelation was made during a recent interview where [...]


Adventurous Duo Behind Atlas Obscura Revealed

Cool things do happen in the strangest places. For Jonathan Foer and Dylan Thuras (pictured left), it began with the latter’s trip to Hungary. The two had known each other for a couple of years since Thuras was an intern at Fore’s blog about weird stuff in general. Anyway, Hungary. Thuras traveled there some three [...]


Twitter And Facebook To Become Madison Ave. Neighbors

It’s best to consider this bit of news an unconfirmed report for now, because no one in the Twitter camp is letting on about the micro-blogging giant’s office swap with Facebook. Twitter already established a local presence in SoHo since November last year and the space proved barely adequate. The New York Observer has gotten [...]


The Guardian Hosting Activate New York Next Month

It will be on a Thursday, the 28th, to be specific. The venue is the Paley Center for Media at West 52nd Street.  If this is the first time you’ve heard of the event, don’t fret. The Guardian has been running the Activate series since 2009 and thanks to the unrest in the Middle East, [...]


Etsy Userbase Upset Over Privacy Issues

Trouble has been brewing in handmade goods retailer Etsy for the past few days thanks to a privacy issue. Worse, news of it has circulated in various online news outlets, stirring much negative feedback. The bone of contention seems to be a new feature allowing sellers to view user accounts and learn about their [potential] [...]


The New York Observer Launches Betabeat

The New York Times isn’t the only old media stalwart reinventing itself. As if wasn’t enough, a new spin off called Betabeat launched today. What makes it special is its 100% New York techcentric news. Sure, there used to be a tech section on the Observer, which went red hot since its January launch, [...]


Maureen Farrel Thinks Hashable Is Ready To Explode

Not literally, but the way Foursquare and Twitter did in the aftermath of previous SXSWs. Doing something remotely connected to social media these days (especially if your work address is in the Big Apple) always inspires the pseudo-existential question: “Is [enter startup here] the next billion dollar company?” Maureen Farrel spent 90 minutes pondering such [...]