2011 We Media PitchIT Challenge Harnesses Australian Talent

PitchIT champsWe Media will be more than just breaking new ground this year. Not only have they relocated to New York (perhaps another indicator of the polar shift), but the 2011 PitchIT Challenge invites participants from Down Under. Though Australia has its own vibrant startup scene, the pull of New York has been undeniable. It was even mentioned here at NY Tech Blog a while ago. So what the people at We Media expect is for Australian startups to sign up (it’s open till February 4) and get the chance to see the Big Apple in the finalists showdown on April 6.

What for? Pitching, of course. The PitchIT Challenge offers $25,000 in seed funding sans giving up equity for the grand champ. The Challenge is open to startups, entrepreneurs, and even non profits.

We Media founder Andrew Machison had this to say:

“Australians have not won before (but) we have had strong connections with Australian participants in our We Media conferences over the years. Our intent is to spark powerful, pattern-changing innovation using media and tech to benefit humanity. That may be through an amazing idea for a new and profitable business, or it might be some new non-commercial or open source service.

We’re unique because we’re open to innovation from anywhere, we’re open to any kind of business structure and we’re an idea challenge, rather than a start-up competition.

You don’t have to have everything built or customers or revenue to win PitchIt. You have to have an amazing idea, a compelling case for it, a strong team that has a reasonable chance of pulling it off and you’ll need a brilliant live pitch to present all that at the finals.”

Via: Startupsmart